Personalized Health App

Get better insights into your disease and share your health experience to help advance research.

Everything You Need to Take Charge of Your Health

  • Sign-up with your health community
  • Consolidate your electronic medical records from over 40,000 care centers and data from your wearable devices
  • Track you symptoms, side effects and medications
  • Reflect on your health by responding to surveys
  • Securely share reports with your care providers

Make an Impact on Your Community & Your Life

  • Control your data knowing you are protected through our blockchain
  • Receive continuous feedback and personalized services
  • Participate in research studies that matter to you and help your community
Virtual Research Platform

The fastest and most cost-effective way to collect longitudinal, high-quality real-world data with
no coding required.

Design a Study in Days

  • Create a study in days using Embleema state-of-the-art data collection tools for your therapeutic area
  • Define your informed consent, data collection and common data model in our study designer
  • Invite participants to instantly collect consent and continuous Real-World Data

View Progress in Real Time

  • Track participants’ progress and get an integrated, continuous view of the collected and missing data
  • Consolidate all your study tasks in an easy-to-use interface
  • Enrich your study with eCRFs and -omics data
  • Use as a completely remote solution or connect multiple research sites
  • Automate payment to your study sites
  • Set-up notifications and alerts based on participants data

Clean Continuous Data

  • Manage your data in real-time
  • Leverage existing quality control algorithms for your therapeutic area allowing you to quickly flag data issues and solve them

REsearch that benefits everyone.

Embleema's Virtual Suite has direct benefits for participants, patient advocacy groups & study coordinators.