Embleema's Next Generation Data platform Natively Integrates Molecular, Clinical and Real-World Data and Produces Unique Insights
Embleema is the only end-to-end Data Platform for personalized medicine Unifying Clinical, Real-World, Molecular Data, Analytics and Regulatory Submissions

Studies are configured in our Study Designer

Participants are recruited online or in investigation centers

Participants and investigators collect and securely share  data for the study

Our blockchain enforces participant's consents providing a full audit trail

Evidence is generated in our proprietary HIVE platform

FDA receives the evidence on its HIVE instance for faster review

Embleema research experience is a win for all stakeholders

Faster Participant Recruitment & Data Collection

Standardized and regulatory-grade, de-identified data at patient level


Stronger Patient Involvement & Satisfaction

Our users love our app's ease of use. Happy users = high adherence & perpetual data collection


Accelerate, Lift FDA Holds & Save Money

Accelerate regulatory approvals for INDs and BLAs by months, lift FDA holds, save tens of millions of dollars of costs and accelerate revenue generation

I found this very helpful because I usually try to take notes but I was unable to do it every day unlike with this study. This helps keep track of more. This will be extremely helpful when you have to provide the doctors with information on a condition.

Mary L.

Dermachain Study

“Building EDEN with Embleema’s technology allows our community to better manage their condition in a user friendly manner, while contributing to research by sharing interpretable real-world data.”



“The team at Embleema demonstrated extensive and deep domain knowledge as well as provided strategic support for preclinical and regulatory activities. We plan to work with them again in the future.”

CEO, Leading CRISPR Biotech in the U.S.

Embleema VIRTUAL Software-as-a-Service

From patient recruitment to regulatory submission, the embleema platform collects, manages & analyzes all types of clinical & real-world data with full control from the user.

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