Thinking of participating in a study on the secure Embleema platform?

Embleema is a personalized health app that allows you to sign up with your health community to get better insights into your disease and share your health experience to help advance research.
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Embleema is a patient-first network that is changing the way people view, control, use and benefit from their data.

patients & caregivers can sync medical records from over 40,000 health centers and data from connected devices

patients & caregivers receive customized insights, data and other digital services to help better manage their health

patients are incentivized by earning real world rewards in exchange for their participation and syncing health data

patients can rest assured knowing their de-identified data is safe & can only be accessed by the specific study's research team

How does Embleema put patient’s first?

Patients are not just subjects or mere data sources. They are finally where they should be-an equal voice in research & entitled to receive multiple benefits.

For the first time, patients are fully in control of their data and every data use is made transparent with our blockchain.

The Embleema app was designed & created entirely from patient feedback, a system built around the very people who will use it & benefit from it.

Available on All Your Devices

Access your health data at home or on the go. With Embleema’s technology, your health is always at your fingertips.

Participation is Safe & Easy

But if you are ever confused or have any questions, feel free to reach out! Our team is based in the Northeast (EST) and is happy to talk to you! Contact us